‘We Should Totally Have A Girls’ Night,’ Jessa Says, Louder

Swept up by the type of joy that can only be brought by the company of friends this Friday, Jessa Tharp threw out the idea of planning a fun girls night.


When the idea went seemingly unheard by her companions, Jessa repeated it again, but louder.


“A girls night would be so fun! We haven’t done that in forever,” Jessa elaborated, with more emphasis this time.


Her longtime friends, Jane Dillon and Heidi Kim, offered only murmured responses, with no confirmation of availability or perceived interest in any specific activity.


“I just thought it would be super fun,” Jessa explained to us later. “I don’t know why they weren’t feeling it.”


“Girls nights with Jessa can be a little much,” says Heidi. “She makes us do shots and wants us all to help her pick up dudes. I’d just rather watch TV at home.”


“I’d be fine with hanging out,” says Jane. “But once Jessa starts calling it a ‘girls night,’ you know it’s gonna be… bad.”



“With Jessa it’s like…small doses, you know?”


Asked what her idea of a girls’ night would entail, Jessa says, “Oh you know, we’d just get crazy like old times. One time I threw up on a bouncer. We still laugh about it!”


“We’re laughing because that phase of our life is over,” says Heidi.