Woman Spends Record Three Years Laying on Bed in a Wet Towel After Taking a Shower

Last Monday evening, 26-year-old Chelsea Meyer broke a world record by laying on her bed in a wet towel after taking a shower for three full years. Meyer has been known to sit on her bed, soaking wet for extended periods of time, but has never reached this milestone before.


“I didn’t intend to sit on my bed for three years, but the time kind of just passed by,” Meyers says. “I got out of the shower, and did what I always do: relax for a bit. Then I completely lost track of time.”


Meyer spent most of the three years scrolling through the social media feeds on her phone, staring at the wall, thinking about how she needs to get up, then deciding that she didn’t want to. She was also able to sneak in a few catnaps, just because that wet towel was so comfortable.


“The thought of getting out of bed, drying my entire body, and putting clothes on seemed so exhausting,” says Meyer. “I always put it off for as long as I can, but this time I was just able to put it off for over a thousand days.”


Meyer’s friends did notice she wasn’t around for that three-year span of time, but admitted that this behavior isn’t atypical.


Longtime friend Christina Lucas claims that Meyer has always taken a long time to get ready after showering.


“She blocks off at least two hours of her day to shower. Most of that time isn’t even spent showering, it’s just her looking at her own Instagram posts from three years ago while her wet hair drips on her comforter.”



Another friend, Ashley Hayman, concurred. “One time I made plans to see a movie with her at nine o’clock at night. She texted me at 6pm that she was about to hop in the shower. She got out after about twenty minutes, and was still late to the movie because she ‘got distracted’ after her shower.”


“I‘m surprised at the record I set, but I’m also super proud,” Meyer says. “And the good news is that my hair is now completely dry!”