How to Wear Hoop Earrings and Not Let It Go to Your Head

In an age when women are accomplishing incredible things, it’s so important to remain humble. But that can prove difficult, especially if you’re wearing the number-one bad accessory to indicate that you are not not to be fucked with. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a few tips to help you rock a pair of hoop earrings without letting the confidence they’ll give you go to your head.


Try little hoops.

A great way to wear these earrings while still managing the size of your head is to manage the size of the hoop. Instead of opting for the full on, JLO-in-2001 mega hoops, try a delicate, tasteful lil one. This will allow you to maintain an air of modesty, even though deep down you know your shit doesn’t stink. Hoop hack!


Wear a shitty outfit.

There’s nothing better to distract from a pair of sexy ass hoop earrings than a shitty outfit below it! Wear something torn or stained, or just do your best to dress like your cousin who owns all those ferrets. People will be forced to understand your aesthetic as a chill, relaxed girl who’s really down to earth instead of a buff ass bitch who knows she’s untouchable style and personality-wise. Easy-peasy!


Volunteer while you’re wearing them.

Volunteering your time is a very wholesome way to keep a humble attitude, despite the pure hipness and sex appeal dripping from your hoop earrings. Try helping out at an animal shelter or serving food at a soup kitchen. Either way, you’ll naturally be the hottest volunteer working at any given time, but you’ll also be giving back to society. So the internal hubris you’ll be feeling will be acceptable!



Just lean into it.

If these tips don’t work, maybe you should just lean into it. Wearing hoop earrings requires a certain level of confident energy, and that energy should never be tamped down or discouraged. So go on ahead and rock those giant hoops! Wear a tiny-ass bodycon dress while you’re at it, who cares? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And by it, we mean hoop earrings.


Try any of these easy tricks when you’re wearing hoop earrings but don’t want to be all braggy about it. Or like, I don’t know, just rock the earrings! Do what you want, this is your world, you hoopy bitch!