How To Campaign For Hillary In A Quiet, Doubtful Way

After 248 years, a major party has nominated a woman to be president. Women have fought hard to reach such an important milestone, and you’re excited—but a little intimidated by the strong anti-Hillary sentiment that’s permeated the political landscape. Since we’re not really sure about this one, here’s how to say #ImWithHer in a quiet, doubtful way that won’t offend anyone too much.


Make Phone Calls To Your Mom Who Supports Hillary

It’s so important to call potential voters who already voiced their support of Hillary and quietly confirm that you’re also supporting Hillary. Start by calling your mom who thinks Hillary is terrific and strong! Remind your mom that the polling place is your former elementary school. Congratulations! You’ve secured one vote for Hillary without having to put yourself out there too much.


Knock On Doors Of Abandoned Buildings

Knocking on doors and connecting to people face-to-face is crucial. But you want to start slow, so why not start by knocking on the door of an abandoned building? Just because you haven’t seen anyone leave this abandoned house in twenty years doesn’t mean a potential voter isn’t home! No answer? No matter! The important thing is that you felt like you were making a difference and didn’t upset anyone with your point of view.



Send A Pro-Hillary Message In A Bottle

Why not share your support of Hill with the world by writing little notes in bottles? You can write in detail about her experience, qualifications, and policy plans. Plus: Your message might even wash up on the coast of Florida or North Carolina, a super important swing date! Way to get out the vote!


Hold A Fundraiser In Your Apartment

It’s no secret that campaigns cost money. If Hillary stands a chance at winning the White House she needs each of us to chip in. Hold a successful political dinner fundraiser by charging yourself twenty dollars to eat your Chipotle leftovers. You’re totally in Hillary’s corner and no one — not even your roommate — has to know!


You are now well on your way to supporting Hillary’s campaign. No one has to know you support a controversial candidate like Hillary; just follow these tips to be a cutthroat political strategist without anyone knowing your political opinions at all!