Choices Every Woman Needs To Make On Her Own Time Right Now

Life as a modern woman is fraught with the perils of decision-making. From love to career, religion to politics, every aspect of our lives feels weighed down by big decisions. And while you should take all the time you need to make life’s biggest decisions, you really need to make them right fucking now. Check out the guide below to decisions you should make on your own time, which needs to be now.


A Method For Handling Every Hair On Your Body

People have a million and one opinions about grooming, and everyone claims to know what’s right for you, but instead of rushing to the salon, take a step back. Remind yourself that you have the right to make all these choices on your own time because they have to feel right for you. And while you’re stepping back, also remember that the absence of choice is a choice in and of itself, so you’re making a choice right now whether you like it or not. Hurry up!


Specific Attitudes Toward All Prominent Female Figures

Part of being a woman means being asked your opinion on other women in the public eye and then watching those opinions be used to extrapolate some character trait about you. That said, your opinions are yours to make on your own terms and when you are ready. But also, someone will probably ask you about at least one female celebrity today so it would be good to be prepared. If you get asked about Hillary Clinton or Taylor Swift and you don’t know how to respond, just keep in mind that you carry the weight of representing all women and you might make us look stupid. So if you could just figure out how you feel right now, that would be great. But take your time!


Family Planning

Since the advent of birth control, women have been given expanded agency in the family-planning process. And now, with technological innovations such as egg-freezing, fertility treatments, and surrogacy, women are faced with more decisions than ever. No one can tell you what’s best when it comes to your life and your body, so take your time because these choices require careful consideration. Plus, your attitudes might shift as your life evolves! But all that being said, you should probably get a sense of how you feel now because a few of these choices are time sensitive and there will be some serious hoops to jump through. So no pressure, but do you have a minute? Now is a really good time to figure all this out. We’ll wait, but please do it now. Time is ticking!



Family vs. Career

No matter where you find yourself in life, this is a decision that probably plagues you. Maybe you’re at the crossroads of having to care for a child or aging parent while balancing career. Maybe you’re not sure if you even want a family, but you’d like to choose a career path that could afford you a sustainable lifestyle should you become a mother down the road. No one can force these decisions on you. And we definitely wouldn’t! Instead, we’ll keep reiterating all the implications until you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t just make a choice, you scream a choice. Which would be great actually, because we need an answer as soon as you’ve taken your time with it, but now would be great, thank you so much. It’s already too late!


Remember: No one can tell you how or when to make up your mind. The path you follow will be your own, and it will unfold on its own time. Just know that these decisions get harder as you get older and the realities of your decision become more real. So take your time, but also you don’t have any time at all. And of course, no pressure!