How To Thank Dad This Father’s Day For Always Doing The Bare Minimum

It’s that time in June when we congratulate our dads for always doing only slightly more than the least they can do. This Sunday, don’t let your father’s minimal efforts go unnoticed! Here are some thoughtful ways to thank him for pretty much just being your dad:


For: Always rearranging the dishwasher after you already cleaned the entire kitchen.

Get him: The Craft Beer Cookbook.

Because “those dishes would have never gotten clean like that,” thank Dad for taking control of the situation after you did all the work with a fun cookbook! It’s important to show you appreciate your dad’s help; he put a lot of effort into showing you how to do it incorrectly! He will love this thoughtful gift almost as much as he loves to micromanage.


For: Always remembering to pick you up from volleyball exactly 40 minutes late.

Make him: Breakfast in bed.

Sure, you might have regretted telling Sharon’s mom that you had a ride. At minute 20, you might have felt a little panicked all alone in the high school parking lot. But you always waited, and he always technically got you home safely. Thank him for his barely adequate skills with some homemade ricotta French toast in bed (Don’t wake him up too early! He needs his sleep!).



For: Always being there for you (when the Pats lost).

Give him: An Apple TV.

When you were bummed after Super Bowl XLII and your first boyfriend had dumped you on the same day, he was right there with you, sobbing and screaming at the TV while you were sobbing and screaming about your first teenage love. But in that moment, he really understood you. Nothing says, “thanks for your limited emotional availability” like easier access to all his favorite shows on an Apple TV!


For: Audibly snoring through your graduation.

Buy him: A Logitech Wireless gaming headset.

Show your appreciation for the guy who sleeps through life’s milestones with a high-tech gaming accessory. Hey, at least he showed up, which is more than we can say for your sister’s wedding. This proves you’re definitely his favorite!


For: making Spaghetti-Os all by himself when Mom broke her leg.

Give him: A homemade card.

Craft him a thoughtful message out of glitter and cardstock to show how much you appreciate him for stepping up to the plate that one time where he basically had no choice. He cut his hand on the can so badly that mom had to drive him to the emergency room. He’ll love the card so much he’ll say, “thanks.”


For: Remembering which of your friends was the gay one.

Buy him: A subscription to Harry’s.

He never tried to talk to “Michael – isn’t he the gay one?” about sports, which is really kind of sweet. Show him that you appreciate his healthy curiosity about your friends’ sex lives with this classic shaving subscription service. Maybe he’ll even use it!


Hopefully, these fun ideas will convey how truly adequate your dad has been. Don’t be caught as empty-handed as he was after your dance recital this Father’s Day!