How to Tell If He’s Really Into You or If Your Backyard Just Has Really Great Lighting for His Next Short Film

New relationships are hard to navigate, but sometimes you just have to read the signs. For example, how can you tell if your new beau is super into you, or if he’s just a location scout trying to lock down your backyard for its incredible natural light and moody landscaping? Though it may seem impossible to know for sure, here are some telltale signs that he’s only in it for the great lighting outside your house.


The first time he came over he looked around and said, “Yeah, this will do.”

The first time he came over to your house was a really special night. You made him dinner. You lit candles. You turned on the magical lanterns you have all over your backyard. You felt an amazing connection. But think about it: Did he walk out into your backyard, right past the romantic meal you’d laid out, and say, “Yeah this, this will do” as he looked around and took pictures of potential shot setups? Well, there’s a good chance that he’s not that into you but he is super into your pretty yard. Sorry! At least you realized his intentions fairly early.


Every time he’s in your backyard he holds up his fingers to form a square and looks through them.

This is a big sign. Good filmmakers don’t really do this dumb thing, so if every time he steps foot in your beautiful backyard he forms a square with his hands and squints through them, well, guess what? Not only is he using you, but also he sucks. Ouch! Tough break.


He says, “I’m making a short film about a backyard.”

A dead giveaway that he’s using you for the great twinkly lighting in your backyard is if he’s just come right out and said, “I’m making a short film about a backyard.” He’s really not beating around the bush here, which is great because honestly is important in a relationship. However, it’s also pretty clear he sees you as nothing more than a girl with a great yard, and you’re better than that! Even though you did work really hard to make your backyard so gorgeous and twinkly! But before you get upset, ask yourself, why his film is about a yard, because that’s nuts.


He brought over a toothbrush and a U-Haul full of film equipment.

Letting a man leave a toothbrush at your place can be a big first step towards cohabitation. But if he brought over a toothbrush and a U-Haul full of film equipment, then there’s good chance he’s planning to shoot a short film in that big beautiful backyard of yours. This sign is truly unmistakable!


You met him at NYU.

Oh yeah, he’s definitely just using you for your yard.


Don’t hold back in a new relationship! Falling in love is an incredible experience. But make sure to protect both your heart, and your yard if you’re about to do it with a film student.