4 Date Ideas that are Almost as Exciting as a Dress With Pockets

woman prancing

There’s nothing wrong with being traditional, but we all need to shake things up once in a while. If the typical dinner-and-a-movie date scenario has you yawning, you may need to add a little adventure to your date nights! Whether you’re meeting a new guy every week or trying to reinvigorate an old romance, these date ideas are almost as breathtaking as that sweet, sweet moment you uncover surprise dress pockets!


Go Rock Climbing!
You don’t have to be a trained mountaineer to scale some rocky territory! Indoor rock climbing may be just what you need to get your adrenaline pumping. Sure, the risk of falling from 50 feet in the air is nice and all, but it can’t quite measure up to the ecstasy of finding hidden pockets in your purple A-line dress two months after buying it. Talk about a thrill!


Hit up Some Carnivals
Summer’s almost here, which means you’ll be sure to spot local carnivals popping up. Why not channel your inner-kid and hop on some wobbly rides? Being stuck upside down on the Gravitron will almost remind you of how dizzy you felt the moment you reached down to the sides of your new vintage dress and gasped – “HOLY FUCK, THIS THING HAS POCKETS?!”


Sneak into a Hotel Pool
If you’re feeling a little risqué, why not break the rules and hang out in a nice hotel pool? Aim for a busy weekend so you and your date can blend in with the hotel guests. You’ll be feeling like a total rebel – until you remember how much more rebellious it felt to leave the house without a purse last weekend thanks to dress pockets. Enjoy the swim, because nothing will ever quite match up to that magical, purse-less evening.



Have a Camping Night
Get the bug spray ready! Nice weather means more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you register at an official campsite or pitch a tent in your own backyard, nothing compares to the fun of campfires and sleeping outside. Well, nothing except sliding your hands into the sleek 6” deep pockets of your floral halter dress. Mmm, so easy. So functional.


Next time you’re ready to try something different in the romance department, be a little daring! While none of these suggestions will ever be able to match the exhilaration of discovering cute clothes with basic utilitarian functions that men have by default, they’ll at least hold you over until your next shopping trip.