How to Tell if He Loves You After He Said ‘I Love You’

You spent weeks wondering when he was finally going to say those three sweet words. Well guess what, he said them! Problem solved! Now you can stop worrying, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong. Sure, he said he loved you, but are you just going to believe the words he makes with his mouth? Before you dare to say it back, keep that anxiety alive by looking for these covert expressions of love and/or indifference.


He Thinks You’re Sexy in Sweatpants

Of course he’s all over you when you’re dressed up, but does he pay just as much attention when you’re wearing your middle school musical t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants with the inner thighs worn through? If he’s still fawning when you look like a pile of blankets, that’s a sure sign he loves you. On the other hand, if he’s started ignoring you and taking you for granted, that means he’s really let you into his life, and that might mean he really loves you. Plus, if he’s admiring you even in sweatpants, that might mean he’s still in the infatuation phase and he hasn’t fallen in love yet. This one is anyone’s guess.



He Always Texts Back RIGHT AWAY

If he doesn’t leave you hanging, that’s a sure sign he’s serious. Unless, of course, he responds to everyone right away. Some people are like that, especially super charismatic guys who date tons of girls and have no ability to focus on something that isn’t their phone. But it might mean he’s just that excited to hear from you. If he ignores your texts for an hour, he might not care quite so much—OR he might be trying to play it cool, a sign he’s in love for sure. On the other hand, an immediate response is a sure sign of love. Maybe? Ugh this is hard.


He Cooks for You

If he’s making dinner, he’s committed for sure. Unless he just enjoys cooking for other people because he doesn’t like leftovers. But if he invites you over for dinner and makes the dish he knows is your favorite, he’s probably in love. Unless it’s also his favorite, and he’d be making it anyway. Keep us posted maybe?



He Makes Plans for the Future With You
If he talks about marriage or even proposes to you, he just might be feeling like he’s really, truly in love. On the other hand, it’s the oldest trick in the book to make a lot of promises and lull you into a false sense of security before disappearing in the middle of the night with your heart and bank statements. But that’s probably going too far, he’s not crazy. Unless he is? It’s a tossup.


Once the “I love you” floodgates are open, don’t let your guard down just yet. Stay vigilant! Keep an eye open for these signs that he loves you when he says he does, and he just might love you unless he doesn’t!