How to Talk to a Small Penis

small penis talk - reductress

When confronted with a small penis, there’s always a brief moment of disappointment, but you can’t let your frown turn him upside down! Do your best to refrain from any disparaging comments toward the little pecker by talking to him the right way – with care and respect. Broadly speaking, all penises are a gift. And if you can believe that, then you’re on the right track!


Before you lie to a penis, you must lie to yourself. Repeat to yourself over and over that size doesn’t matter. But don’t repeat that to him. If his ego shrinks, then he might too, and you won’t even have a chance with that penis. Believe that this penis will do something worthwhile for you, and there’s a chance that it might happen.


Don’t go overboard, telling him that he’s big. That penis knows better. He knows he’s not and he will know you’re lying. Do use strong language in referring to him – Tell him he’s a sturdy boner – something that you can build a foundation upon. Imply that you could see that penis chopping down an old oak tree to build you your very own log cabin. The little ones tend to appreciate a little fantasy and dramatic imagery.


You can also take a different approach: When it’s inside you, say that you feel cozy. You’ve never felt safer. That penis makes you feel like a warm cup of tea. Since he knows deep down he’s not going to shock and awe you, he can be happy to at least be of comfort to you.



Whatever you do, don’t look it directly in the eye. It’ll know. Make casual comments on your surroundings if necessary, all positive, to lighten the mood. Avoid any serious discussion.


But don’t be afraid of the small penis. It really isn’t anything to worry about. No matter the outcome, that small penis will be grateful you’ve even given it the time of day. Perhaps that’s where it’s best to start. Tell that penis what time it is! It’s sexual contact time! Just reach out and pat him and he’ll forget all about how disappointing he is to you.