How to Say You Have Anxiety Without Sounding Like You Diagnosed Yourself With a TikTok

Now that TikTok is a key part of our society, a lot more people have diagnosed their mental illnesses by using the guidelines from different videos about mental health, and while there’s nothing wrong with learning signs of mental illnesses online, you don’t want anyone to think that you just watched a couple of Tiktoks and self-diagnosed without any real introspection. So here’s how to tell people you have anxiety without sounding like you just stole it from a popular social media app.


Prove it with a doctor’s note.

If you’re talking to someone and it comes up that you have anxiety, then you get anxious about whether they’ll believe you or not, then simply show a doctor’s note that confirms your diagnosis. If you keep it in your purse at all times, no one will ever think you were just watching some TikToks and decided to add some spice to your personality! This will also reduce the anxiety that comes from wondering if they think you’re lying.


Just say that you “get nervous sometimes”.

You can also go the route of not saying the word “anxiety” at all and going with some synonyms instead! Saying that you’re “nervous” is a totally normal thing to say, and no one who diagnosed themselves after reading an “anxiety symptoms” checklist on TikTok would say that… would they? Deep breaths; it’s okay.



Show them your medications and/or other coping habits.

If you’re still not convinced that the person you’re talking to believes you actually have anxiety and you’re not just saying it to be trendy, then prove it to them that you go through a mental battle everyday by showing them your medications, bong, exercise equipment, or empty packs of cigarettes! It’s gonna be pretty hard for anyone to deny your mental illness at that point!


So if you bring up the fact that you have anxiety, but you’re not exactly sure how the other person is going to perceive you after that, then try out any of these tips to verify your mental illness in a totally chill way. Phew – that was a close one!