How to Safely Clean Your Phone for Definitely Not the First Time  

With the horrifying pandemic currently facing our planet, it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re practicing proper hygiene. And in the case of coronavirus, staying indoors and washing your hands is not enough: We also must constantly sanitize our surroundings, including our phones. Not that you weren’t already doing that or anything. Regardless, here are some easy tips for how to safely clean your cell phone for what is certainly not the first time, of course.


Sanitize it every time you come back to your house.

Everyone should be doing their best to stay inside right now, but inevitably, you’ll have to leave the house to grab necessities. Make sure that, when you do, you clean your phone every time you come back. You’ll be preventing the spread of not only coronavirus, but also all the day-to-day germs that exist out in the world. You know, the kind that you were actively already preventing the spread of because you were already someone who cleaned their phone before this crisis. Naturally.


Use an alcohol-based cleaner.

Whether you’re using a pre-moistened cloth or spraying a cleanser onto a paper towel, make sure the sanitizer you choose is alcohol-based. COVID-19 is no joke, so you really want to utilize a heavy-duty sanitizer this time around, even if you may have used more naturally-derived products to clean your phone in the past when you cleaned it which was frequently and not for the first time as we speak.

Lean into the clean!



Let it air dry.

Though it’s annoying to not be able to use your phone while it’s wet from a sanitization, it’s crucial to let the cleaner do its job by allowing it to air dry. Besides, you already have the patience you need to get through the few damp minutes because of all the numerous previous times you’ve cleaned your cell in your normal day-to-day life before a viral pandemic descended upon us and it became an obvious and necessary step to making sure that you and the people around you stay healthy. It helps prevent cheek acne too, especially on the side of your face that you press to your phone to talk on it, but you already knew that and that’s why you never get pimples there except for all the time!


Wash your hands, too.

Since your hands are how you probably operate your phone, it’s important that you wash those mitts! Use soap and hot water and be sure to wash up to the wrist. In a pinch, hand sanitizer will do! Either way, you’ll be taking an extra step further to keeping your phone clean and sanitary, not counting the steps that you were absolutely, definitely, without a doubt taking before you even read this article. We get it! This is totally not your first time at the phone cleaning rodeo! You’re basically an expert on keeping your phone germ-free and have been for ages! We’re not doubting you!


Try any of these handy tips for when you want to safely and completely sanitize your phone. You know, like you have been doing this whole time!