How to Remember That Idea You Forgot to Write Down You Stupid, Stupid Idiot – You Moron, You Certified Dingbat, You Piece of Shit

It happened again: You’re going about your day, and then you realize you forgot the very thing you swore you would write down, again, like you always do, you complete fucking idiot. Here’s a guide on how to recall the idea you forgot to write down because you never seem to do anything right, do you:


Close Your Eyes

To try and remember the thing you forgot to write about, close your eyes. Closing your eyes is not only proven to help you focus on recall, but also stops you from seeing what a huge fuckup you are all the time. Maybe it’ll work, but you’re such a dumb little fuck for forgetting to write it down even after you thought, “I will write this down,” it very well might not.


Envision the Scenario

Think back and recreate in your mind the very moment you thought of the thing you forgot to write down. Think back to where you were, who was around you, and all the inane shit you were doing instead of writing down the perfectly good thing you forgot. This may help bring you back to your train of thought, which hopefully won’t be derailed by any of the other dumb-shit things you usually distract yourself with, you fucking dolt.



Stay Calm

Something that helps with trying to recall something is staying calm about the situation, you absolute dunce. It doesn’t help to freak out about it, or to beat yourself up like you always do because you absolutely fucking deserve it, you piece of shit. You don’t even know how to stop, do you? It would be so simple if you could just focus and breathe, but you can’t even do that, can you?


Those are three steps that can help you recall anything you might have forgotten to write down, you professional-grade nitwit of truly destructive proportions. Hopefully next time you won’t be such a piece of garbage!