How to Orgasm So Hard You Start Putting Yourself First

We get it: You’re the kind of gal conditioned to put someone else’s oxygen mask on before your own. But if you’re having sex with someone and you’re worrying more about their pleasure than your own, you’ll find yourself preoccupied busting their nut so much that you don’t even consider yourself. But there’s help on the way! Here’s how to orgasm so hard you’ll finally start putting yourself first:


Stop Thinking About Orgasming Itself

It sounds counterintuitive because you’re literally trying to give yourself an orgasm, but stop obsessing! It only makes the hurdle higher. Let yourself enjoy the journey, and, swear to God, by the end of it you’ll be the kind of person who doesn’t need social media.


Get to Know Your Body Solo. Then Keep It That Way.

In order to climax, you need to explore what works and what doesn’t do it for you. You might come to learn that you need more than just penetration to get off. In fact, once you figure it out, you kind of don’t really need anyone again! Oh shit, are you now loving the skin you’re in and you’re happy with your own solitude?! Goodbye to every other person on this planet!!


Sex Toys Don’t Ask Over and Over Again if You’re Close

There are so many toys to try out nowadays that you don’t have to stick with one! All of a sudden you’ll start building a toolkit and you won’t require just one to fulfill all your needs! Sounds amazing, right? Okay, apply that principle to people in your life, you self-actualized goddess!



It will take time and it will feel selfish, but trust the process! Soon enough you’ll have the kind of toe-curling orgasms that snap you so hard out of being a people pleaser, sex psychologists everywhere will be like, “Whoa girly, teach us your ways.” You might not even need eye contact from another human again to validate that you’re a real living person on the same earth! Doesn’t that sound nice?!