Disturbing! This Woman Powers Down Like an Animatronic Puppet Right After She Cums

In a severely off-putting story coming out of Newark, NJ, 27-year-old Shaina Davis apparently powers down like an animatronic puppet straight out of Chuck E. Cheese right after she cums.




“I really can’t help it,” Shaina told us. “Once I orgasm everything just goes black, and I completely shut down – literally.”


“I wish I could control it, but I don’t know how,” she added. “My body just relaxes – but only in a way that a robot from the Disneyland ‘It’s a Small World’ ride would once it’s done with its little song.”


Wow! Truly horrible stuff!


We were also able to catch up with her previous sexual partners who experienced this animatronic puppet behavior firsthand.


“She told me that she was gonna cum, but she didn’t warn me that her head would immediately drop and her arms would lock in a bent elbow position,” a past partner, Alia said. “But now that I think about it, I guess nothing could’ve really prepared me for that.”


“When she said she’d sit on my dick like a hydro-suspension, I didn’t realize how mechanized she really was,” Jay, another previous partner, told us. “When she came, I looked to see if she got unplugged or something. I don’t know why. I knew she was human but it scared me so much that I got confused.”


However, this history isn’t stopping Shaina from trying to change her distressing post-cum reaction.


“I’ve been trying really hard to gracefully fall onto the bed and say something like ‘That was really good’ after cumming, but it’s been really difficult,” she told us. “I’ve actually managed to get that one phrase out, but I can only say in a robot voice that gets deeper and slower until I finally black out.”


At press time, Shaina has been trying new things to make her after-cumming behavior work for her and her sexual partners.



“Recently, I’ve been roleplaying as Chuck E. Cheese,” Shaina told us. “It’s surprisingly less upsetting!”


We really hope she goes to a doctor soon!