How to Make the Most of Your Breakup by Writing a Hit Album Called ‘Rumours’

The end of a relationship is a vulnerable time in anyone’s life. You might find yourself asking, “What was it all for?” and, “If a relationship is destined to end in agony, why begin one in the first place? Is the pursuit of love an inherently selfish act through which I borrow joy from my future self, only to ultimately pay the piper with pain?” Instead of meaningfully answering these questions, make the most of your breakup by writing a hit album, specifically one called Rumours!


Allow yourself to wallow.

Going through a breakup is all about capitalizing on your own pain, whether that means eating junk food for a week, allowing yourself to weep without judgment, or penning the type of album that will inspire generations of young lovers to be extremely messy. Feel your feelings, and more importantly, feel them on a folksy guitar with some backing vocals sung by none other than your ex-boyfriend.


Speaking of which, hang out with your ex all the time.

You might be tempted to take space from your ex: don’t! Sure, it might help you heal, but goddammit, it won’t help you write this album. Spend 15 hours a day with him, waxing poetic about your love with one another, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have a Grammy for Album of the Year on your hands — and also a lot of weird tension, but that helps the vocals. 


Write down every emotion you’re feeling.

Parsing through your emotions can be tough, so don’t be afraid to write down how you’re feeling in a journal, preferably in full sentences that will serve as lyrics when you start writing your hit album, Rumours. For example, “Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom/Well, who am I to keep you down?” These are the types of thoughts that will finance the rest of your life. 


Don’t be afraid to get angry.

The most important part of getting over a relationship is feeling your anger, and funnily enough, that also happens to be one of the most important parts of writing the 1976 hit breakup album Rumours. If you’re angry, be angry! You might find yourself thinking, “Been down one time! Been down two times! Never going back again!” and that is at once true and a universally resonant lyric. Atta girl!



Think to the future.

It can be tough to let go of the past, but remember: Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow! Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here. It’ll be here, better than before! Yesterday’s gone. Yesterday’s gone! Wait, that’s good – write that down. 


So, the next time you’re going through a breakup, don’t just sit at home and sulk. Sit at home, sulk, and hit record, baby!