How to Continue Living When a Dog Doesn’t Like You

Dogs have a natural instinct for finding good people, and being “chosen” by dog can feel amazing, but what about when a dog takes one look at you and decides they hate you? What if they growl, or worse, don’t even look your way? Here are some tips for continuing living even though the dog you just saw didn’t immediately take to you.


Remember: It’s not your fault.

Every dog is different, and there’s no way of knowing why one might gravitate towards or away from you! Sure, dogs are famously fantastic judges of character and can immediately see through to your heart of hearts, but just because this one didn’t like you, that doesn’t mean your heart is bad! Unless…no, no, it doesn’t mean your heart is bad. Unless…


Take stock of your other valuable qualities.

At a time like this, it’s important to remind yourself that you are worth more than what you can offer to a dog. For example, you have passion and drive and are a really good cook, and there’s no way a dog could know all of that just from a moment’s glance. Sure, dogs can sense innate goodness in people, and this dog has found you sorely wanting, but that probably doesn’t mean anything, right? You have an apartment! You’re good at puzzles! Does he know something you don’t? Can he hear your thoughts?


Focus on the positives.

Yes, the dog you saw doesn’t like you, but at least you saw a dog! That’s good! Would that dog care if you lived or died? Clearly not. But hey, you saw a dog! And if you keep living, you might see another one tomorrow. That’s reason enough, right?



Take this as an opportunity for self-improvement.

Okay, listen. The dog hates you. Clearly something is wrong. Your vibes are rancid, your thoughts are bad, and Henry the labradoodle can fucking tell. Take a good, long look in the mirror and decide what you’re going to change, because bucko, it’s got to be something. Learn from this. Grow. Be different. Now get out of our sight. Fucking disgusting.


So, the next time a dog doesn’t take to you, don’t worry! There is a life on the other side of this tragedy, this unimaginable pain. Is it a life worth living? That’s for you to decide!