How To Look Windswept Even Though You Showed Up 45 Minutes Early To The Bar

There’s something classically rom-com beautiful about looking mildly flustered and windswept when you enter a room, and that’s the look you were hoping to achieve when you showed up to the bar tonight. Unfortunately, you’re a neurotic traveler and now you’re here 45 minutes early. Thankfully, there are ways to create that “just ran a few blocks” look even though you’ve been inside the bar for almost an hour with these tips!


Stick your hair under the hand dryer.

While you might get some weird looks from the other patrons in the bathroom, it’s totally worth it! Your hair will look all sexy and windblown, as if you just arrived instead of what you really did, which is pretend to text at the bar for 45 minutes.


Drape a sweater around your shoulders.

Loosely draping a sweater across your body will make it seem like you barely had any time to put it on. Doing this will make you look like you’re a cool woman who’s always on the go, instead of a woman with enough time in her schedule to allow her to arrive incredibly early to every social gathering she attends.


Do wall sits in the corner until you’re out of breath.

Wall sits are good for your core—and they’ll make it seem like you just sprinted into the bar like a cool, carefree lady who doesn’t care if she has to send a “running late” text! Just make sure you do them in a really dark corner, otherwise you’re still going to look like a freak but in a different way.


Smudge your makeup.

Make it look like you did your makeup on the Uber ride over (you were way too late to take the train, even that probably would have been faster! LOL when will it end?) by slightly smudging all your hard work. Wow, it’s basically like you’re the kind of girl who frequently misses her birth control pills!



Let out big, exasperated sighs.

Don’t just look windswept—be windswept! By letting out a big sigh, you’ll let everyone know how tired you are from rushing over here! No one will have any idea that you were just waiting in the bathroom for 45 minutes because being in the bar alone made you nervous!


Remember, if you’re on time you’re late. But if you’re late, you’re cool! And if you’re not cool enough to be late, you can always just fake it!