How to Keep in Touch With Long-Distance Friends Even Though You Don’t With the Short-Distance Ones

Long-distance friendships can be hard to manage – especially when you don’t even talk to your friends who live 15 minutes away. Don’t worry, though: you can work on maintaining these long-distance friendships by starting with the short-distance friends who just want you to respond to their texts. Here’s how to strengthen your friendships whether they’re across the world or a bus ride away!


Find a good excuse for why you have been MIA.

Give your homies a reason for up for the lack of communication. Your friend who lives far away will understand because they have no idea what going on in your life. Your friend who ran into you at the club last weekend might have some questions, so come up with some good answers. Cat got your tongue? Dog eat your cell phone? Just say something, for god’s sake. They just want to make sure you are alive.


Give yourself permission to reach out.

Sometimes a mental block can form when you have 600+ message notifications on your text app. Allow yourself to say “yes” to friendship by responding to those texts. Try an affirmation like, “I will send the ‘OMG I miss you’ text!” or, “I will call my friend unprompted, and it won’t be awkward because we love each other.”



Schedule a platonic business zoom meeting with all your friends.

Have you gotten into crypto or Forex trading? Do you have a genius business idea? A great way to stay in touch with friends is to share your passions and build wealth together. Zoom is an amazing platform to connect with friends near or far, so try using business as an excuse to bring all the besties together.


While you might feel guilty about not scheduling a catch-up Facetime with your friend who lives five states away, that homie understands it’s hard to keep in contact in different time zones. You have no excuse for the friend who lives down the street. C’mon, bestie, you got this!