How to Hint That the Lack of Conversational Chemistry With This Acquaintance Isn’t Your Fault

We’ve all been there: You’re making conversation with a loose acquaintance and sparks are not flying. No one’s laughing, you feel increasingly dead inside, and both of your eyes are darting around the room to find someone to give you an out. It’s a terrible experience, but the worst part of all is the fear that this rando thinks that you’re the boring one. Avoid that fate with these simple tricks to hint that the lack of conversational chemistry is absolutely not your fault.


Mention how tired you are multiple times.

It’s important that your friend’s roommate’s coworker knows that while you’re not to blame for this uninspired exchange, the whole thing is even harder for you to save because you’re so tired. Talk about how how little sleep you got last night, then say, “God, I have never been this tired in my entire life. It’s a miracle I’m forming sentences at all.” This approach is unlikely to make either of you enjoy the conversation more, but at least it will be clear that this slow-motion train wreck is not on you.


Talk about an amazing conversation you had in the past.

It’s important your partner in chit-chat know that there is a well-established precedent of you having incredible conversations with other people. Point to a friend at the party and say, “Just the other day we had a two-hour discussion that altered my spiritual orientation and caused us both to have multiple revelations about the function of modern journalism.” You’re not going to repeat the things you learned during that conversation, but it’s important they know you’re capable of this sort of deep and exciting engagement.


Bring up a book club that you’re thinking of joining.

Would someone who’s bad at discussing things consider joining a book club??? Don’t think so.



Ask them what their fucking problem is.

You’re pretty sure you’re a delightful conversationalist and they’re giving you nothing, so perhaps the issue is that they actually fucking hate you? Confront them about this on the spot. They might be confused or defensive, but honestly, this will be an improvement from the sad exchange about weather and volleying TV shows the other hasn’t seen.


Try these tips to ensure everyone knows no lackluster exchange is ever your fault. Or just get into coke and never feel this way again!