How to Get Him Interested in a Relationship by Calling It a ‘Collab’

Whether it’s in music or fashion, there’s one thing that men love more than anything – and that’s a good ol’ fashioned collaboration! So if you’re wondering how to get his attention when it comes to combining the two of you together, simply entice him by calling your prospective relationship a brand new “collab”! Here’s how to do it:


Flirt with him by saying you should “combine forces” soon.

Instead of scaring him off by asking him if he wants to take things to the next level, just tell him that you two have “some really dope things to offer the culture” and you should “team up to create something legendary together.” When you broach the subject like this, he’ll think of your relationship like two rappers on the same song together or the Converse x Rick Owens collab, and he’ll definitely be on board!


Start calling your dates “studio sessions” or “design meetings”.

No matter where you and your boo go together, you should make sure that you’re referring to these romantic hangs as “studio seshes” or “meetings to talk about the collab”. This way, even if he’s afraid of commitment, he’ll have no problem dedicating himself to developing your mutual partnership. After all, you two are ironing out whether this collab is really going to work, and by “collab”, we mean romantic partnership.



Speed up the process by giving him a drop date.

If you tell him that the collab will drop on August 19th, then how could he resist waking up early that morning to text you and confirm it on that very day? By this time, he’ll need to obtain this collab more than anything else on earth! Nothing will stop him, and if he loses you to someone else then he’ll do everything in his power to get you at an even higher price. Lucky you!


So if you’re struggling to keep a man because you’re not a new song from his two favorite artists or a combination of his two favorite brands, then start calling your possible relationship a “collab” instead! He won’t be able to keep himself away, especially if it’s limited edition!