6 Dating App Red Flags to Catch So You Can Screenshot Them for Social Media

Swiping through strangers and assessing their character from afar with no consequences is a rush like no other, especially when you see someone promising! However, your time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on someone who is total trash, especially when you’re desperately looking for good content to post for your hungry followers. Here are six red flags to look for on the apps so you can screenshot them and post to social media for clout:


They Have Their Height in Their Profile Followed By ‘Since That’s All That Matters Here’

Yes! This is a scorned person who has beef with the concept of objectification and is bringing it to the apps. They are well worth your time and energy. You never know what other fortunes (in the form of likes and retweets) this 5’10” king will bring! Best to screenshot it and share it with everyone you know – you’re the righteous one here!


They Label Their Sense of Humor as “Dark”

Surely their humor toes the line between ‘dark humor’ and being flat out offensive so much that they feel misunderstood and censored. Just because they lack nuance doesn’t mean they’re not a good fit for you. Get to chatting and let them do the work of generating a screenshot that’ll have your followers replying “wow” and “omfg”. Dating may be hell, but think of the content!


Their Opening Line Is Sexually Provocative

Isn’t it so fun when people aren’t normal? This one is kind of low-hanging fruit, but it’s always a crowd pleaser. Screenshot this little horn dog and roast their ass on Twitter. If you’re going to be degraded to a personless cum receptacle right off the bat, you’re entitled to being the It Girl of today’s feed!


They Have a Specific Type They’re Looking For

Sure, people are entitled to be attracted to certain personalities like ‘bookish’ or ‘outdoorsy’, but if they fetishize people based on their identity, it’s time to message and interrogate why they’re like this. You won’t change their mind, but you’re certainly working towards that next viral post of yours so don’t get caught up. Stay focused on what really matters here: the likes, hun!


They Identify as a Centrist, Moderate, or Apolitical

Don’t let this “I’m Not Like Other Girls” Republican reach across the aisle that easily. Try to get to know them and their political ideology better! Ask this fiscally-conservative-socially-liberal freak what they think about the usual dating app topics like gun control, prison abolition, or immigration then bam, screenshot! That’s it. That’s the tweet.



They Go Out of Their Way to Say They’re a Feminist

They might be not sure what they’re looking for, but they know they respect and uplift women! You don’t even have to talk to them really. You can just screenshot the profile because including that is THIRSTY and they’re probably too respectful to send you anything wild enough to screenshot. Sad!


There you have it! Whether you’re in search of true love on the apps or just someone to ramp up your engagement on socials, look out for these red flags and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Good luck, and hopefully you find love or whatever!