QUIZ: Is There Any Chance the ‘Partner’ He Just Namedropped Is the Co-owner of His Law Firm?

So, you just met someone beautiful, interesting, and perfect for you in every way when, mid-flirt, he casually mentions his “partner”. Naturally, you’re wondering: Is it game over? Or is there any chance at all that by “partner,” he’s not actually talking about a significant other, but rather, a high-ranking associate who owns equity in a law firm he happens to run? Take this quiz to see how much hope you should have!


In what context did he bring up this “partner”?

  1. We were bonding over our shared music taste, and when I said we should go to a concert together, he cleared his throat and started talking about “partner” this and “partner” that.
  2. He said, “I have a quick work call with my partner, but are you free after 5?”


Casually ask, “So.. how did you two meet?” How does he respond?

  1. “We met online, if you can believe it!”
  2. “Who, my partner? Oh, we met in 3L when we were both at Columbia.”


Which describes a likely daily interaction between him and his “partner”?

  1. A kiss on the neck and snuggle from behind.
  2. A polite wave from across the office hall.


Here’s an easy one. Is he a lawyer?

  1. Wow. Well, if you must know, no, he’s not a professional lawyer, but he’s an articulate guy, and often makes some pretty good points. So.
  2. Yes. He founded the law firm Young & Goodman, LLC.





Mostly 1’s. No chance, sorry! This guy is definitely namedropping his partner to let you know he’s taken. And yes, it’s the kind of partner you cuddle, have sex with, and get therapy for. And if they knew you were even taking this quiz right now, you’d be getting major side-eye. So don’t even think about it. Shoo.


Mostly 2’s. Congrats, chances are good! Yup, by “partner,” he’s probably talking about the co-proprietor of the law firm he runs. You’re in the clear! Make your move, and bag yourself some JD D!