How to Confuse Him Just Enough So He Stays Interested


In addition to a pert booty and 24/7 sexual availability, guys love mystery in a woman. The best way to keep him interested is to constantly confuse him with a barrage of inconsistent and contradictory information about yourself and your feelings toward him. Whether you’re talking in riddles, code or simply in lies, here’s how to make him think “WTF?!” just enough so he stays utterly captivated.


Have sex with him on the first date, then tell him you’re waiting for marriage.

On your first night together, drive him wild with all of your sexiest boob and butt moves, and thereafter refuse all physical contact beyond a sideways hug. Reassure him that he can touch you when he’s committed to spending eternity with you. His super-sexy memories of your night together will confuse the hell out of him when you start virgin-ing it up. He’ll be hooked!


Laugh at all his jokes but also cry at his jokes.

Guys love a sense of humour, but any girl can giggle. To set yourself apart from the rest, you’re going to need to cry as well. A lot. He doesn’t need to know why you’re crying, but if he insists on an explanation, be as vague as you can. “I don’t talk about it since the trial” should shut him down enough to still be DTF, but activate his confusion boner enough to keep him interested.



Tell him he’s your soulmate, but that you’re not sure he’s right for you.

There’s nothing more seductive than not knowing quite where you stand when you’re with someone. Draw him closer with poetic observations about the nature of your connection, but push him away by giving his friend a blowie under the pretence that “maybe he was also my soulmate”. Where does he stand now? What does it matter! The fact he’s even asking the question means he’s yours.


Go missing, then come back and act like it was no big deal.

Drop off the radar for a few days or even weeks and you’ll be amazed how intrigued he is by you. You don’t want him to think you’re ignoring him—the ideal scenario here is that Mr. Right launches a full-scale manhunt. When you return from your vacay, act chill and ask him why he’s crying so much. Nothing like a little fear to make the heart grow fonder!



Promise him you’re never going to let your father hurt him.

No need to elaborate here. Just drop the bomb that Daddy’s got a dark side and let the games begin!


When you’re trying to confuse him, less is more. Never apologize, never explain, and never give him the logical answers he needs. He’ll fall for your boner-inducing mystery in no time!