How to Get Beyoncé’s Hot Bod, Yes Even Now

Everyone knows there is only one true fitness goal: to look exactly like Beyoncé. Now that your queen is pregnant with twins, she is more radiant than ever, and it is still vitally important that you continue to strive to be just like her. Here are some helpful tips on how to get Beyoncé’s amazingly hot body, even now!


Get Pregnant and do Squats

Pregnant with twins or not pregnant with twins, if you want to be like Beyoncé, you have to start squatting immediately. Remember, Beyoncé is pregnant with twins, so that’s really gonna be filling out her backside in a major way. Get the fierce human-creator look by spending most of your day squatting and the rest of the day napping because you got yourself pregnant to look more like Queen Bey. Beyoncé is carrying two new Beyoncés and she needs her rest, which means you also get to rest now, a little, in between those squats.


Embrace Your Gut!

No more sucking in your gut – you are finally free! Beyonce’s glorious uterus has expanded her glorious torso to new levels, and there’s still plenty more time to grow! So kick that Atkins diet to the curb and literally start eating loaves of bread. This is the only way, unless you have a time machine and can go back to get pregnant at the exact moment Beyoncé does so you can be just as far along in her glorious pregnancy. Have you seen the hips on Beyoncé right now? They are so powerful and now you can be that powerful, too.


Have Men Carry You Around and Maybe Get Pregnant

You can always try getting pregnant with two perfect fetuses. But if that doesn’t work like right away, make men carry you everywhere. Using men as your main form of transportation, has always been a coveted Beyoncé look, but she’s really leaning into it now that she shouldn’t even have to let her feet touch the ground. If you really want your body to looks like Beyoncé’s, drape it over a chaise lounge and hire men to carry you in the sky. The higher up you are, the harder it will be for people to see you clearly, so you’ll look just like Beyoncé to everyone you pass!



Cover Your Body in Actual Gold While Super Pregnant

If you manage to get pregnant, but only with one boring baby instead of two, that’s really not enough, so just cover your body in gold. Beyoncé has always had a luminous glow, but now her glow is hitting near maximum capacity. Come as close to that as possible by dousing your body in a precious metal. It might be expensive, but at least you’ll look and feel like Beyoncé!


Try these quick tricks to looking more like the ultimate body idol. You will not regret it! Unless you weren’t ready to have kids right now. Oops, at least you’re sort of like our queen mother Beyoncé!