How to Date Men When All They Want Is for You to Bring Them Pictures of Spider-Man

Dating can be pretty hard, especially when you’re dating men. People everywhere who are attracted to men often find themselves asking, “How do I date men when all they seem to want is for me to constantly bring them pictures of Spider-Man?” If this sounds like you, then keep reading for our step-by-step guide on how to date men who have a need for you to bring them pictures of this iconic Marvel Universe superhero.


Know your worth.

Even though you’re constantly being requested to bring your BF pictures of Spider-Man, don’t forget to know your worth! Just because your man is obsessed with the idea of Spider-Man and needs to see physically printed out pictures of him 24/7, he still has a lot of love for you too. Maybe not as much as he does for Spider-Man, but still! Don’t ever doubt your own value, because you’re kind of a superhero in your own little unique way too! You just don’t have spidey senses or the ability to shoot webs out of your hands.


Establish your boundaries.

Even though your beau wants you to bring him pictures of Spider-Man all day, every day, make sure you’re still able to schedule out time for yourself. Next time he texts you asking you to personally bring or courier him another picture of SM swinging across town while you’re at work, remember to let him know that your own time is just as important, and that you can’t bring him pictures of Spider-Man whenever he wants, especially when you have a board meeting in 15 minutes.



Roleplay as Spiderman and MJ from time to time.

You can also try to keep his desires for pictures of Spider-Man at bay by roleplaying as Spider-Man and Mary Jane once in a while! You can also spice it up by dressing up as the Green Goblin, Venom, or Doctor Octopus. But these will all be characters that you’ll have to play, because there’s no way he’s going to give up the role of Spider-Man, which he’ll pick every single time.


So if you’re trying to date men, but find that their obsession with you bringing them Spider-Man pictures is getting in the way of that, follow these tips to try and make the relationship work! You definitely won’t get him to stop asking you for these pictures, but at least you’ll be able to maintain some kind of personal peace along the way (maybe)!