QUIZ: Do You Actually Keep Seeing Your Ex Everywhere, or Was He Just Really Generic Looking?

After a breakup, running into your ex is one of the things people dread the most. There are so many negative feelings associated with them, and the more you see them, the more complicated it feels. Though sometimes, if you dated someone particularly generic looking, it can be hard to discern whether you actually have been running into them a bunch or if they just look like the standard person in a crowd. Take this quiz to find out if it’s actually them tugging at your heartstrings!


What does your ex look like?

  1. They had really beautiful hair, striking green eyes, and were about 5’ 9.
  2. They had a nose and brown hair. The hair was short!


Where do you think you last saw your ex?

  1. At the bookstore that we both used to love going to together.
  2. During my trip to Florida, at a random grocery store over 2000 miles from where we both live. But he did grow up like five hours away, so….


What were the reasons you and your ex broke up?

  1. Our lives were going in different directions, in spite of the fact that we work in the same industry and commute to the same neighborhood.
  2. They said they don’t feel “seen” in our relationship, and I suggested he grow a beard.


Do you ever feel like you see your ex on TV?

  1. No? Why would I?
  2. Yes! I spotted them on Jeopardy in the audience a few times in the same episode.




Mostly 1’s: You have been running into your ex. Your lifestyles had a lot of overlap, so it seems like now you are running into them. It’s okay, after breakups people get better at avoiding each other, so its only a matter of time until you never see them again!

Mostly 2’s: Your ex is generic looking. You don’t really know what they look like, which is weird because you dated them. This also might be the reason you broke up. On the bright side, you probably haven’t been running into your ex. We never recommend this, but maybe looking through some old pictures of you and your ex would help with your facial recognition problem!