How to Be a Good Friend Even Though You’ll Never Be as Good as Britney’s Assistant Felicia

We all want to be a better friend to the people we love. But not everyone has a good role model in how to do that – that’s why we can only aspire to be the kind of good friend and/or mother figure that is Britney’s assistant, Felicia Culotta, who seemed to be the only source of stability and comfort in her life. Here’s how to be a good friend even though you’ll never really be that good:


Be willing to go on a documentary to tell the world how great your friend is.
Sure, a lot of our friends will tell us privately how great we are – and some might even do it over a toast at your wedding – but how many real friends genuinely want the world to know how great you are by being interviewed in a literal documentary that will shape your image and how we perceive celebrity for decades to come? You’d probably be worried about what people would think of you, right? Exactly.


Know how to set boundaries.
Just because you want to be a good friend does not mean that someone can walk all over you! Just like when Felicia temporarily stepped down from her position after 2007 because she “could not convince [Britney] in any way to love herself.” We bet you couldn’t do that, you weak-willed enabler!



Just let them call you her “assistant.”
Sure, you might be her support system in every way imaginable and probably deserve a better title, like “best friend,” just accept it when people start calling you her assistant. You probably wouldn’t tolerate something as demeaning as that, would you? That’s why you’re not as good a friend as Felicia was to Britney.


Being a good friend can be a lifelong pursuit, but can reap countless benefits when your life is full of love and gratitude. And while you may try as hard as you can to pull that off, Felicia already pretty much nailed it, so good luck trying to do the same!