How to Make Your Arms Look Toned and Not Flabby but Not too Toned That You Wish They Looked More Flabby

woman flexing arm

We all want toned arms, but not so toned that people are like, “whoa”. It’s a hard line to tow, but you can use these tips to finally get your arms toned and not flabby but not too toned that you wish they looked a bit flabbier. Here’s how to get that effortless, strong, impressive, perfect, normal arm look.


Grab those dumbbells!

If you want a formidable but also chill pair of guns, you’ll have to work for them. Invest in some dumbbells that are a comfortable weight for you, and incorporate some exercises that target your triceps, biceps, and deltoids into your routine a few days a week. With sustained effort, you’ll start to see results, and then you’ll be like, “Oh, my God. Is this too much?” And start to worry that your jacked little arms don’t suit your down-to-earth personality. Take like, a week off and eat carbs just to level it all out.


Drink plenty of water.

That’s right — you can’t escape this advice! Staying well hydrated will help your muscles recover faster from workouts and reduce bloating. Make sure you’re getting your eight cups, but also make sure you don’t look like a celebrity news reporter. You might be thinking it would take a lot more work than you’re going to accidentally do to get overly toned arms, but you can never be too careful.


Have an amount of natural body fat that showcases your muscles without making it look like you’re obsessed with your muscles.

The best thing to do is naturally have a body type that makes it easy for your muscle definition to show but still leaves you with a wholesome and relatable amount of flab. After all, you’re still human! Good luck with this one, you will need it.



Use these tricks to banish flab and tone up those arms but not so much that you wish you could get some of that banished flab back. If you’re stressed and confused, you’re doing it right!