How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse by Never Accumulating Enough Money to Buy Anything

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The excitement of making a new purchase can oftentimes be countered by the financial regret you experience later on. Most of the time, this regret comes from making large, unplanned purchases on a whim, and not realizing until afterwards that you couldn’t really afford to do so. Here’s how you can avoid experiencing buyer’s remorse by never actually saving up enough money to buy anything:


Make a budget.

If you know how much money you’re allocating to certain expenses, you’ll be less likely to feel regret when it actually comes time to spend that money. This is especially true if your budget is $0 because you’ve never saved up any money to buy anything. By keeping an eye on all the finances you don’t have, you can make sure to keep things that way, so that you never accidentally find yourself with any amount of disposable income with which to buy a nice sweater you didn’t really need. This way, you’ll never experience buyer’s remorse or understand what it is to be free of financial anxiety!



Avoid shopping apps.

Apps that encourage you to spend are a surefire way to experience buyer’s remorse. Plus, they can also make you feel bad if you don’t have any money to buy stuff with. Either way, by avoiding shopping apps, you’ll be less likely to make a spontaneous purchase and regret it later on, or feel sad because you don’t have any money to make a spontaneous purchase. In both cases, by not browsing the apps on your phone, you’ll never know what you’re missing and you’ll never be tempted to try and save up some money to buy something. It’s a win-win!


Be content.

The most important thing you can do to avoid impulsive spending is to be content with what you already have – which is no money at all! By understanding that contentment is something you find within yourself, and not something you can buy, you’ll be more okay with the fact that you don’t have any money to begin with. This type of internal validation will keep you from trying to seek validation externally by doing things like “having an income” or “going grocery shopping”.


So, remember, even though buying something might feel good in the moment, it’s nothing compared to the satisfaction of never falling victim to your impulses because you quite literally don’t have the funds to do so. If you follow these tips, you’ll never experience buyer’s remorse and you’ll die without a penny to your name!