How to Attempt a Capsule Wardrobe Even Though You Only Do Laundry Once Every Two Months

A capsule wardrobe is the perfect way to downsize your clothes and shorten your decision-making time when it comes to planning out an outfit, but what if you barely do your laundry? If this sounds like you, then keep reading for how to attempt a capsule wardrobe even though you only do laundry like once every two months.


Sort through your clothes.

The first thing to do when attempting a capsule wardrobe is pick out what you want to keep and what you want to give away or store for another season. But also, there’s literally no way that this is going to work because you only really like about four of your shirts, which will all definitely get dirty the first time you wear them. But whatever! This is still a totally good and fashionable thing to do!


Add things you know you’ll wear in the future.

If there’s a couple accessory staples that you know will make your capsule outfits look even better, go ahead and get them! Just make sure that you’re buying for the long-run, and also get some statement pieces to distract from the fact that you haven’t done laundry in months. This way, no one will notice your smell, but they will notice your brave taste in brooches.




Once you have your basics down, feel free to mix and match! It should be easy to pair your different articles of clothing with each other, and frankly, it has to be, because you just gave away all your other clothing and you’re just going to have to make it work! You can also artfully wear accessories like scarves and jackets to hide all of the different stains that you will inevitably get. Yay, tiny closet!


So get rid of your least favorite clothes and enhance your best pieces by creating a capsule wardrobe! You’ll probably feel kind of gross when you’re wearing the same things over and over again because you’re not doing laundry, but you’ll look really put-together! Just like, from kind of far away.