Woman’s Summer Wardrobe Just Sweatier Winter Wardrobe

Despite sweltering summer forecasts, Carly Porter of New York City is sticking to her layered winter wardrobe for this season. Rather than buying clothes for warm weather like most people, Porter has chosen to continue wearing the same clothes she wore during colder climes.


“Once the temperatures started creeping up into the 70s, I intended to purchase some summer clothes,” explains Porter, while repeatedly positioning herself in front of a rotating fan. “I knew I’d be more comfortable in pants that don’t cover my calves, and shirts that stop at the shoulders and aren’t long sleeve wool blends. But after I pushed off shopping for a few weeks, I realized I could push through for the rest of the summer until autumn hit. It’s not easy—I’m super sweaty all the time—but I saved a bunch of money.”


Porter has come to consider her sweat-drenched items as an entirely new wardrobe. Some of her favorite looks include a now much darker cable-knit sweater with a damp back, a wool cardigan with sopping armpits and sleeves pushed up as far as possible, and clingy jeans brimming with perspiration.



Her commitment to these looks has taken some unexpected tolls. “I’m doing a lot more laundry, and even with that, the smell is noxious,” explains Porter.


Also, to keep herself safe, Porter has had to make some dietary adjustments to handle the rate at which she loses body fluids from constantly being covered in wool. She now drinks up to five gallons of water a day and takes regular salt tablets in the morning to make up for the fluid loss.


“Before you know it, it’ll be winter again,” said Porter. “And before you ask, no, I don’t wear all of my winter clothes in the summer. I put my parka in storage. I’m not crazy.”