How to Ask a 13-Year-Old For Fashion Advice Without Getting Arrested

Fashion trends change so quickly nowadays, and it seems like fashion gurus are getting younger and younger. But it would be weird if you, a grown adult who pays taxes, asked a child for fashion advice, right? If you are dying to be hip but don’t want to end up on a registry, we’re here how to do it:


Send an older teen to ask for you.

This could be your sibling, your cousin, or your friend’s kids. If the teen is slightly older it makes it a bit less creepy that you are asking a child to teach you how to dress. Bribe them with your HBOmax password or something – they need to catch up on Euphoria!


Eavesdrop in thrift stores.

Thrift stores are the new malls! That is where the cool teens hang out. If you see a group of tweens just hang behind them and pick up items similar to the ones they are wearing. If you sense that you are creeping them out just say you are shopping for your niece, then ask them if they think “she” would like what you’ve selected.


Grow up and dress your age, maybe?

Simply come to terms with the fact that you are growing older and that you do not need to be shopping at Brandy Melville or wearing a Supreme logo. Go back to what is familiar to you, whether it’s browsing H&M or purchasing inspirational graphic tees on Etsy. Live your truth.



In between working, paying bills, and just trying to stay alive, it is difficult to stay up to date on what’s trending, and sometimes the wisdom of children is our only option. Follow our sound advice to stay fashionable while avoiding having to go door to door and explain to everyone why you are on a government list.