Help! I Didn’t Label My Frozen Eggs and Now My Roommate’s Having My Baby

I believe that motherhood is precious, and it’s something that I want to experience someday – but not right now. That’s why I took it upon myself to freeze my own eggs in my kitchen freezer, and I thought it would be pretty obvious that they belonged to me, but since I didn’t label them, my roommate “mistook them for hers” and is now having my baby.


It’s safe to say that the vibe of the apartment has been super tense lately.


My roommate, Casey, is pretty notorious for taking my things from our fridge, but for some reason, I thought this time would be different because my eggs were stored in the back of the freezer and also were my literal ovum. But that didn’t stop Casey from immediately fertilizing the eggs and putting them inside of her.


Once I found that my eggs were missing, I immediately called an emergency roommate meeting, where Casey told me how “sorry” she was for “accidentally” taking my frozen eggs, but she also said that there was nothing she could do about it now because she’s already two months along in her pregnancy.


Now, not only do I not have any eggs saved up for the future anymore, but I have to live my whole life knowing that my roommate took them “by mistake” and will be my child’s mother forever, long after our lease is over.


When I told my IVF doctor about what happened, she was just as shocked as I was, but it was for an entirely different reason.



“Why would you put your own eggs in the freezer?” she asked me, but it was obvious that she didn’t understand the complexity of the situation at all.


I told my landlord about it too, but he wasn’t very understanding either, and now he won’t return any of my calls, even to fix the sink in our bathroom!


After everything I’ve been through, I’m just trying to focus on the future. So if anyone who can respect my boundaries and isn’t looking to be a mother anytime soon is looking for an apartment, please let me know!