Help! I Asked My Friends to Suggest Hobbies I Should Try and They’re All Giving Me Valid Realistic Answers

You think your friends are your real friends, but sometimes you find out you’ve been so, so wrong: The people I used to call my dearest friends have been relentlessly attacking me with “reasonable suggestions” for “hobbies that I will enjoy” and now I don’t know what to do!


This started after I was complaining about how bored and depressed I am from being home so much, and that it’s starting to take its toll on me. But instead of treating me like the uniquely tragic person that I am and going along with my suggestion of taking up free climbing for real this time, they started giving me “practical ideas” instead that “might make me feel better” as if that’s something that I actually want? That’s so fucking presumptuous and rude and now I feel backed into a corner where I actually have to pick one. How fucked up is that?


First, they suggested I go out for “walks” to improve my mood, which isn’t even a hobby but is just kind of a mean thing to suggest to someone. Then, without even asking for permission, one friend suggested I try doing watercolor portraits because I always loved to paint. Like, okay bitch??? I wasn’t looking for a valid and realistic answer here!! What the hell am I supposed to do now??



Another friend said they had taken up dancing, and offered me their login to an online dance program for free. The scariest part of all of this is that even though I said that I have a bad knee and have a fear of wet paint, they still kept suggesting even more practical, reasonable activities, like coloring, crotchet, knitting, and birdwatching. I feel like I’ve been backed into a corner, forced to come up with more insane excuses for why I’m absolutely unwilling to put in an iota of effort to help myself.


I am actively being harassed right now and I need to escape this toxic situation immediately.


If anybody has any practical ideas on how to stop these intruders from ruthlessly trying to help improve the quality of my life, my lines are open. Sympathy and small gifts only, please!