‘Harassment And Assault Are Different,’ Man Helpfully Explains To Woman Who Has Experienced Both

This week, good Samaritan Daniel Fields took it upon himself to enlighten a woman about the nuances of recent sexual harassment allegations while seated together on a crowded train.


“You see, harassment and assault are totally different,” Fields clarified for the woman, Amadi Garbo, who has actually experienced both harassment and assault.


“Everyone’s going crazy over all these harassment allegations,” he went on. “But just so you know, a pat on the butt is just not the same as actual assault.”


Garbo did, in fact, know.


“The guy who groped me last week is different than the boss who always made reference to my tits in meetings,” says Garbo. “And they’re both different from the time I was date raped. But more importantly, why is this random dude talking to me?”



But despite Garbo’s skepticism, Fields doubled down on his initial statement.


“I just think women should know, it’s not all the same thing. Rape is worse than making a sexist joke, and the punishment needs to fit the crime,” explained Fields. “It feels like some women don’t know that. I just want to help people learn.”


“I definitely know that,” Garbo said. “I’m going to put my headphones back in now.”