Group of Women Somehow Manage to Enter Port-o-Potty Together

Deciding that it was about time they convene for a private bathroom pep talk at an outdoor concert, a group of six women collectively agreed to enter the nearest port-o-potty together to the best of their ability.


“It’s our thing; it’s what we do. We support each other,” said Cindy Murphy, who was attending the music festival where no ordinary bathrooms were available. “No matter what the bathroom looks like, we make it work.”


In the port-o-potty, the six sweat-drenched bodies gossiped, shared beauty tips, and tasted each other’s beverages, all the while attempting to breathe in whatever oxygen was still left.



“It’s so fun when you get to have some quiet time with just your girls,” Murphy tells us, while trying to rinse Purell foam out of her purse. “I remember Jenna was acting strangely quiet for a while, but we found out later she had just passed out after one of us accidentally cut off the blood circulation to her head. That’s the kind of personal stuff we learn about each other on our bathroom trips.”


In between general gossip and one port-o-potty tipping scare, the group also shared their thoughts on a cute concertgoer who had caught all their eyes.


“He was definitely looking at me and we all know it,” Shannon said, her leg slowly dipping into the toilet. “I’m totally going after him, given that we’re able to somehow exit this thing together.”


After successfully sliding an unconscious girl squad member out of the doorway, the group exited the port-o-potty more refreshed and ready than ever.



“The concert was over by the time we all got out of there,” Murphy said. “I tried to hear whatever music made its way through the port-o-potty, but our collective heavy panting made a vacuum-like sound that was hard to ignore.”


When reached for comment, a representative for Dr. John Porta Potty Rentals replied that portable toilets are meant for just one person, but “might be nice for a little pow-wow with the besties”.