Girlboss! This Eight-Year-Old Makes the Plastic Beaded Necklaces They Sell at Urban Outfitters

As a result of modern feminism, young girls can finally take part in the innovative nature of the American economy. This week, eight-year-old Sylvia Thompson broke yet another glass ceiling and has been behind the trendy plastic beaded necklaces sold at Urban Outfitters.


“I just knew from a young age that I loved putting beads on a string,” Sylvia explains. “I was sitting in my art class in second grade making necklaces and my older sister said she’d pay me $20 for a bracelet. That’s when I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I can monetize this.’”


“That’s when it hit me: I can sell these necklaces to people who will literally buy fucking anything if they see it online.”


At first, Sylvia just sold her necklaces for $200 a piece on her older sister’s Depop shop. But her life changed when a fashion influencer wore her necklace in a Tiktok video and an Urban Outfitters representative contacted Sylvia.


“I was so shocked and happy that they contacted me, a dumb third grader,” Sylvia recounts. “But I think they realized I was too young to negotiate with their lawyers, and they were like, great! You’re in, kiddo.”


Sources close to her tell reporters that she is looking to develop her plastic beadwork in a BFA program in the future.



When asked where she found inspiration at such a young age, Sylvia explains, “Since I was four, I was obsessed with the arts: finger painting, Play-doh, you name it. This experience ingrained the ideals of discipline and grit into me and is largely why I am so successful at what I do: putting pretty-colored plastic beads on a plastic string and selling it for money.”


At press time, Sylvia received a call that Urban Outfitters also wanted to buy her colorful Play-doh sculptures whenever she was finished making them.