Gap Announces New Pre-Ripped Crotch-Hole Jeans

This week Gap revealed a new line of jeans designed with pre-ripped holes in the thigh area on either side of the crotch. The new collection will be called “Wide Open” named for the open holes on either side of the inner leg.


“These jeans are made to feel like your favorite pair that you wear so much you’ve ruined them,” says Gap CEO Arthur Peck.


The Wide Open line will come in four different thigh hole sizes, from Frayed to Hemorrhage.


“I’m excited to try them on,” said Alicia Nold, who was camped outside of the Galleria Mall the night before the line was released. “I’ve been making thigh holes the old-fashioned way for years, so this is a big day for me.”


Prior to developing the line, Peck conducted countless studies among women and men about their jean wear. “We’ve found that no matter how well you take care of our products, or those of our competitors like Old Navy and H&M, the average American’s overuse of denim and the friction caused by their chub rub will shred the inside of a normal pair of jeans into gaping crotch holes within four to eight months.”



Since the release, customer response has been wildly positive throughout the country. Says Rochelle Tanker: “With these jeans, I get the feeling of a great new pair of jeans, without having to worry about when my thighs will make the crotch seam explode.”


“No more clinging to those precious last threads in the crotch before they burst by the sheer mass and friction of your thighs,” said Peck.


Not only is this saving time and hassle for many women, it’s also improving their self-esteem. Satisfied customer 29-year-old Tina Selby said, “Once the fabric starts fading away on a pair of normal jeans, I go into an emotional tailspin. I feel like the Hulk bursting out of my clothes, but not in a muscular way. Thanks to these jeans, I can just accept my fate; plus, the breeze feels great!”


Even those unfamiliar with the trend are giving it a try. “With my lifelong thigh gap, I never really had these holes,” says Rielle Waters. “But I’m excited to rock this new look.”


“We thought about maybe reinforcing our jean crotches better,” says Peck. “But here at Gap, we’re all about keeping it classic.”