Galentine’s Day Activities That End Early So You Can See Your Boyfriend

Everyone knows that the media created Valentine’s Day to manipulate female consumers through emotional fantasy. This year, celebrate Galentine’s Day instead—the lady-empowering holiday created by fictional character, Leslie Knope! If you have a boyfriend, you’re definitely going to want to see him later that night, but not like, too late, you know? That’s what Galentine’s day is sort of all about! Here are a handful of activities that end early enough to hang with bae.



There’s no better time to showcase female friendships than over the day’s most estrogenic meal! Once everyone’s tummies are filled with heavy hangover food, they will totally want to head home for naps right after. Perfect! Now you’re free to invite your guy over to cuddle the ever-living frittata out of you! Go, women!



Spa Day!

You gals work hard—so take off your shoes, put your feet up, and invite some friendly nail technicians to your Galentine’s Day! Don’t worry—the salon closes at 7:00 PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to meet up with your boyfriend and show off that glitter heart mani-pedi.


Arts and Crafts!

Choose an activity that no woman can withstand for more than a few hours because they feel like they’re turning into their mother—crafting! Grab the sequins and pom-poms, pop in your bootleg copy of Sisters, and make each other the sweetest heart-shaped Galentine’s Day cards known to womynkind. Don’t feel bad about writing, “Ovaries Before Broveries” and “Uteruses Before Duderuses” in glitter—you won’t see your manpiece until later that night, so in this case, “before” is totally accurate!


Profile Women in the Senate!

With only 20 female Senators currently serving in the U.S. Congress, this won’t take long. Just don’t let anyone get hung up on Elizabeth Warren—sure, you could gush over that progressive dreamboat for hours, but then you would lose track of time and be late for plans with your hunk—whoops! Almost worth it, but not quite. You just love him so much!!



Afternoon Cocktails at the Restaurant Bar Where Your Boyfriend Works!

A few vodka crans will make your group of Galentines even closer than ever—cracking jokes, complimenting how long each other’s hair has gotten, and holding hands like schoolgirls! Make the most of this commemoration of all things feminine by conveniently recommending the casual dining restaurant where your boyfriend bartends. That way, you can wink at him throughout your gal-bonding sesh, and you won’t even have to wait to see him when it’s over—he’s right there! Yayyyy, boyfriend!!!


There’s absolutely nothing better than ladies celebrating ladies—except following it up with the warm embrace of your male partner. Happy Galentine’s Day!