Fun Staycation Ideas That Are Just You Running Errands Around Town

When money and time is a little tight, taking a short staycation is one of the best things you can do for your mental health! With any of these options, you’ll have a great time relaxing and unwinding close to home—and finally have that much-needed time to catch up on errands you weren’t able to do while you were at work during the day. Here are some great staycation ideas that are really just you finally running those errands!


Go to a Local Park

There’s nothing quite like spending time with nature, and a walk in the park will leave you feeling refreshed. And wow, what a coincidence! There’s a local farmer’s market happening at the same time. You do need to pick up vegetables for the meal prep you’re doing tonight. Looks like the reusable totes you just happen to be carrying will come in handy. It’s almost like all of life is a chore?


Get a Manicure

Getting a mani/pedi is the ultimate way to treat yourself. So what if the salon is a little farther than you normally would go? It’s also right next to a watch repair place, and you’ve been meaning to get a replacement battery for a while now. Oh well, looks like this is just going to turn into another day of completing small tasks!


Meet a Friend for Drinks

Okay, there’s no fooling yourself about this one: Your “friend” is actually an acquaintance who’s been bugging you ever since you landed a job at Adobe. So what if you wanted to spend your day off not thinking about work? At least you’re crossing off one really nagging point on your to-do list! Feeling accomplished is almost like a vacation!


Start an Art Project

Return to your creative roots by starting an art project, like painting. Wait, why are you heading to Home Depot? Repainting your bathroom does not count as a staycation activity. Get back in your car and stay there until the remodeling urge passes, you neurotic Type-A freak!


Stay in Bed

Okay, there’s no possible way to spend the day doing errands if you don’t get out of bed at all. Just spend the morning eating unhealthy snacks and watching Netflix. Don’t check your work email, bitch! Just have fun online shopping. Actually, you could get a head start on everyone’s Christmas presents … and yikes, once again you spent the entire day doing mindless errands instead of truly relaxing. Life is a curse of responsibility!


Hopefully these suggestions inspired you to spend your day off wisely. At least you’ll be able to daydream about these relaxing possibilities while you’re in line at the hardware store!