Freethinker Open to Absolutely Anything Other Than What You’re Telling Him

35-year-old Martin Tellman is a self-described free-thinker who prides himself on his ability to originate new ways of thinking about the world.


This free-thinking gentleman is open to absolutely anything at all, other than what you are telling him right now.


“I’m good at coming to my own conclusions about things, but it’s also important to be discerning,” Martin said. “That’s why I’m open to pretty much anything – conspiracy theories, elaborate explanations for the political climate, Andrew Yang – everything except that thing you just said, which is wrong and dumb.”


While you merely said that you think the Joe Rogan Experience desperately needs fact-checking, Martin believes that that is a “close-minded” and “a typical girl opinion” about something he subjectively loves.


We talked to Martin’s ex-girlfriend, Stacy, to get the scoop on how his free-thinking has affected others in his life.


“Martin has an open mind, but he’s also a terrible listener,” Stacy said. “Wait, is he doing the thing where he’s negging and misinterpreting everything you say? Girl, run.”


“I would consider Martin more of a contrarian than anything,” says Chris, Martin’s roommate. “Everything you say he will try to disagree with, but the worst part is his insistence on how ‘free’ his ‘thinking’ is on the topic.”


“I like to tell people how I see the world, in hopes maybe they will see the world my way instead,” Martin said. “I stay intellectually stimulated in a way a lot of people can’t understand. I color outside the lines of my adult coloring book.”



“It’s important to be able to gather information objectively and form your own opinions about the world,” Martin said about his own strategy for open-mindedness. “That’s why when people tell me what they think, I just try to think the opposite.”


And it shows!