Woman Spends Entire Show Worrying If Friends She Invited Are Having a Good Time

After inviting four of her friends to see her favorite up-and-coming band this past weekend, 26-year-old Alicia Roberto ended up spending the entirety of the show worrying if her friends were having a good time.


“I’ve really loved this band for like a year now and have been telling everyone about them,” Alicia told us. “But as soon as we got to the show I started wondering, like, oh no, what if they’re actually kind of bad and I have horrible taste in music?”


Instead of watching the openers, Alicia opted to buy the group several rounds of drinks and carefully watch their faces to make sure they were still having at least an okay time.


“I was having a pretty good time, actually,” says one friend, Zach. “But it started to get kind of weird when Alicia just kept asking me if I was having a good time, like, over and over again?”


Others witnessed Alicia going around to each friend individually, asking questions like, “They’re good, right?” and “This is a fun experience, do you agree?”


“Yeah, I actually thought the band was pretty good,” says another friend, Tali. “But I couldn’t stop noticing Alicia was kind of staring at me during the whole concert instead of the band? Like, this was supposed to be her favorite band.”


Other friends grew concerned when Alicia only seemed to smile if they too were smiling.


“I actually have no memory of the show at all,” says Alicia’s friend, Kevin. “All I remember is Alicia’s face, desperately seeking my approval.”


“It’s true, I don’t remember much either,” says Alicia. “I think I blacked out a little – not from the drinks, but from the exhaustion of needing everyone’s approval.”



Other witnesses report that the band was “not bad” but “…definitely has a weird fan base.”