Freaky! Woman Makes EXACT Same Mistakes in Her 30s as She Did in Her 20s

At 34 years old, Cecelia Brown thought most of her major missteps were behind her. But life took a creepy turn as she recently realized she’s been making the exact same mistakes in her thirties as she did back in her twenties. Whoa! Talk about déjà vu!


“The realization hit me like a ton of bricks: I never learned from any of my mistakes–in fact, I’m repeating them!” Overcome with emotion, she immediately took to the internet for an irresponsible online shopping spree to soothe her rattled nerves, just like she did when she was 28.




“It’s stranger than fiction,” reveals Kevin, Brown’s on-again-off-again boyfriend of the past two months, “Her inability to learn from previous failures is downright unsettling. Even though our relationship mirrors her doomed romance with Dave from 11 years back, Cecelia still insists on seeing this one through.”



When it comes to Brown’s professional life, she admits she only accepted her current job out of a crippling fear of saying no to anyone, which is the very same fear that held her back a decade ago. “It’s truly uncanny!” Brown says, “It’s like the ghost of my 25-year-old self has inhabited my body!”


Other surprising behaviors resurfacing from Brown’s twenties include a refusal to call her parents regularly, an inability to negotiate a fair salary, and consistently forgetting to moisturize.


Despite her eerie ability to make the same mistakes year after year, Brown remains optimistic. “If this whole thing keeps up,” she explains, “I’ll be learning nothing well into my sixties!”