Makeup Looks So Dewy Everyone Will Ask If You Have A Fever

Achieving perfect dewy skin doesn’t always come easily ­– there’s always the risk that your highlighter could come across as too subtle. So when you need to look fresh-faced with a sweaty glow of someone trying to fight off an infection, here are the best makeup looks that are so dewy, everyone will ask if you have a fever.


Dab With Coconut Oil

If you want a dewy look that will have everyone wondering whether you should seek medical attention, try dabbing with coconut oil. This stuff is the real MVP of dewy looks, so dabbing it onto your cheeks, brow bone and nose should give a super convincing impression of someone suffering from typhoid fever. Plus, coconut oil solidifies at room temperature, so this look won’t come off even when your friends put their hands to your forehead out of concern. You’re just too dewy for this life, bitch!


Spritz With Rosewater

To get a more soppy feverish sheen, spritz yourself with rosewater. It will make you look super hydrated, like a flower waking up from a nightmare soaked in rain sweat, or a person who splashed water on themselves to cool down the raging illness inside. Spritz, spritz away to turn yourself from a dry hag into a gorgeous wet infirmary patient from the 1860s. Are you dewy from rosewater, or from nearness to death? No one will be able to tell!


Smear Eyeshadow

Here’s an easy hack to get melty sickness skin: Smear eyeshadow around any area of your face that naturally gets touched by the sun. That’s right – just because eyeshadow has the word “eye” in it, doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other face parts. If you have a little pot of peach, gold, white or beige eyeshadow, all you need to do is dip your finger in, then smear that powder around your T-zone until someone tries handing you Tylenol. Oops, too bad there’s no cure for being this dewy!



Slather On Royal Jelly

This stuff is jelly made from real bee butts, so if you really want to nail that crazed, dewy look, slather on royal jelly. It’s got no chemicals, no preservatives, just 100% pure secretion that will give you the sweaty finish of someone who’s just done peyote in a beehive. Your friends will see this look and be like, “Girl! You look dewy AF. Want us to call an ambulance?”


To achieve the healthful glow of a heat stroke victim in a medical tent, try any of these makeup looks. You’ll be so dewy everyone will assume you must be afflicted with fever!