Fatigue Fatigued

Between unclear messaging from the government, isolation, and prolonged fear, many Americans in quarantine are experiencing what experts call “fatigue fatigue.”


“People are having a range of experiences that vary greatly in terms of livability,” says Dr. Francine Howard. “Some are risking their lives to go to work, others are feeling the burden of 24-hour parenting, and some are sleeping 11 hours a night and binge background watching New Girl without ever truly knowing what’s going on in the show.”


“These circumstances are by no means equivalent, and yet everyone feels tired and bad,” Dr. Howard adds.


Fatigue fatigue first took effect sometime in the recent past. We were going to do more research for this article but we just feel exhausted and like there’s not much point.



“I just don’t know why I’m so exhausted all the time,” said Teresa Shaw, who has lost her restaurant job and has no idea when she might be able to find work again. “I feel like I’m just waiting but with no sense of direction or hope. Whew! I think I’m gonna put myself down for a nap.”


Symptoms of fatigue fatigue include constant yawning, eyes glazing over while trying to focus on absolutely anything, and being too physically tired to even complain about one’s exhaustion.


“There was initially some hope that the fatigued fatigue would fatigue itself out of existence,” says Dr. Howard. “But then we realized it will only get exponentially worse. Whatever, I’m so tired I can’t really…”


At press time, we are drinking coffee to no effect.