Obsessed Much? This Kid Is Tracking Santa’s Every Move

We all follow the occasional celeb gossip, but one child in New Jersey is taking the word “obsessed” to new levels. Six-year-old Daniel Molina is the ultimate stalker, tracking Santa Claus’s every friggin’ move.


Okay, psycho!


Molina is logging onto Google’s Santa Tracker website several times an hour to look at Santa’s whereabouts and stalk the shit out of those reindeer.


Um, can this child get a fucking life?!


The boy’s mother, Allie Molina, has done nothing to prevent or moderate his use.


“I assume this will all play out once Christmas is over,” Allie claims. “The Santa Tracker is just a fun, silly thing.”


Lady, your son is certifiably possessed! Rein in this little weirdo before this obsession gets any scarier! We don’t want elf blood on our hands!



We were able to question Daniel on the matter and his response was truly chilling.


“I need to know where Santa is,” he says. “I always need to know.”