Coworker’s Zoom Angle Set To Make Absolutely Sure You See Her New Peloton

In a marked change from her usual Zoom meeting arrangement, your coworker Amanda Sykes has positioned her camera to make abso-fucking-lutely sure you see her new Peloton.


Amanda usually works from the desk in her bedroom, but this week she started taking your daily check-in call from her kitchen table, where the new Peloton in her living room could be seen prominently in the background.


Despite not bringing it up, Amanda was positively glowing with anticipation of you asking about the expensive new workout equipment.


While you waited to call it out, Amanda hinted at her shiny prize.


“Just FYI I’ll probably be offline around lunchtime,” she said. “I need to get some exercise.”


You finally gave Amanda the validation she craved, asking, “Whoa, did get a Peloton?”



“Oh yeah,” she said, acting surprised that it came up. “I was just starting to go crazy here and really needed to move.”


At press time, Amanda still hadn’t fully figured out how to use the Peloton exactly, but plans to get on it soon.