Empath Can Feel How Annoyed You Are When She Tells You She’s an Empath

Last month, 25-year-old Amanda Farro began identifying as an empath, which means she is more sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions than most people. But recently, the feeling she has been most attuned to has been peoples’ annoyance at her telling them she’s an empath.


“I have a heightened intuition that helps me determine the energy of those around me,” said Amanda. “And whenever I bring up being an empath, my intuition tells me that folks are giving off an annoyed energy to me talking about it.”


Amanda, who discovered she was an empath by taking an online quiz, went on to explain how her gift can be both a blessing and a curse.


“It’s definitely an amazing blessing to be able to tell where someone is emotionally, even if they aren’t necessarily being open about it,” said Amanda. “But it can become a burden, too. Like, when someone constantly has a negative energy about them or when I’m picking up on a general aura of irritation emanating from someone I’m telling about me being an empath.”


Friends of Amanda have confirmed that usually her intuition is correct.


“I admit, it is pretty uncanny,” said longtime friend Trish Trapp. “She’ll be mid-rant about her newfound empath-ness, and all of a sudden she’ll stop and be like ‘I’m getting the vibe that you’re aggravated with me.’ And I fully am! It’s so weird!”



“Yeah, her predictions or whatever are eerily accurate,” added Jake Olmec, another friend. “She can always tell when I’m bothered by something, whether it’s a personal issue I’m going through or the fact that being an empath is seemingly all she talks about anymore. It’s crazy.”


“It does seem like I’m annoying quite a lot of people,” Amanda says. “And that’s why having this sensitivity can be so hard. But I won’t stop being proud of being an empath, which I am and will continue to talk about forever.”