Man Gets Mad At Even The Thought Of Someone Believing In Ghosts

In recent news, 32-year-old Charlie Daniels was alone in his apartment making eggs when he got angry at even the mere thought that people walk around in the world believing in ghosts.


Charlie has never and insists he will never believe in the afterlife, and makes a point to scold anyone he encounters who does.


“People can be so stupid. The idea of ‘ghosts’ makes my blood boil,” says Charlie, raising his voice. “You think the spirit of a deceased person is visiting you? Dream on.”


Although Charlie becomes truly furious when he remembers there are real people out there who believe they’re being contacted by spirits, he also readily admits he’s never lost someone he’s loved.


“Souls die when people die. It’s as simple as that,” says Charlie. “Yeah, all four of my grandparents are still alive and no one close to me has ever passed. What does that have to do with anything?”


Charlie’s ex-girlfriend believed his animosity towards any and all spirituality demonstrated a lack of empathy.


“My father died when I was young and while I was dating Charlie I saw a bird that I just knew was my dad,” says an ex Evelyn Garter. “I told Charlie it brought me peace and he started shouting, ‘Ghosts are fucking made up!’ I broke up with him soon after.”


Even Charlie’s mom is unsettled by his extreme certainty in the non-existence of spirits.


“I tried to explain to Charlie that someday I won’t be here anymore, but I’ll still be with him in my own way,” says his mother Kate Daniels. “Charlie told me, ‘Mom, you’ll never be with me. When you’re buried you’re buried’ I just want him to feel like he’s not alone.”



Despite believing people need to get a dose of reality, Charlie does believe in extraterrestrial life.


“It would be insane to think that we’re the only life out there,” says Charlie. “To be certain that aliens aren’t visiting us – that’s pure hubris.”